6 Tips to Kick Smoking Out of Your System

Too many times – countless, actually – you’ve told yourself you’d quit smoking. Yet, you still have not.

You know that cigarette smoking is detrimental to your health. And your loved ones have not failed to remind you about it. The challenge is yours to take now. How do you get yourself to finally get rid of, or at least reduce your smoking habits.

Let us talk about few ways how you can start your healthy objective this year.

Admit it’s going to be hard

Be honest with yourself. It takes more than self-discipline to finally stop smoking.

Heavy smokers who have been emotionally and psychologically dependent on nicotine may struggle even more. You do not have to take smoking out of your system at once. Begin with reducing the number of cigarettes you consume. Instead of purchasing packs, go for a single stick. Or invest on an ecigarette.

This will compel you to slow down on smoking. You do not have the time after all to go to a store whenever you feel the urge to smoke. Then, you will have no other choice but suppress your cravings.

Take note of triggers

Observe your smoking habits.

When do you find yourself smoking more than two sticks consecutively? What are the activities you cant manage without smoking? Is there any particular time in a day when you feel the craving?

Identifying smoking triggers is crucial to eliminating the habit. This is so you can make necessary preparations and adjustments. For instance, when you notice that you tend to smoke more frequently when your tasks at work pile up. Then, instead of depending on cigarettes to relax your mind, you should work on finding other means to curb your stress levels.

Look for a “chewing” alternative

Chew on something to help you tame your cravings.

Pick one that you like so as to keep your mind occupied. It should be satisfying enough to help you forget what your taste buds were originally looking for. Run to fruits slices, sweet treats or nuts.

Live healthy

If you resort to smoking to help relieve your stress, then, it is high time that you seek other solutions. Smoking, after all, would not solve your problems.

Those that are not health-threatening, and are likely to be approved by your loved ones. Get physical. Go trekking or swimming, for instance. Join marathons. Use the money you will save from smoking to funding new activities.

Build a support system

You could use your friends and family’s help on your goal to live free from cigarettes.

Your intention to quit smoking will surely delight these people, and they will be more than willing to keep you company when you need it. You don’t have to feel alone as you go through the smoke-non-smoker transition.

Remind yourself why you want to quit.

You don’t want your kids to take the brunt of the consequences for your heavy smoking habits. You are tired of arguing with your husband, parents, friends or siblings about why you are still relying on cigarettes for comfort.

You don’t want to wake up one day, debilitated by sickness you acquired from smoking.

When you feel depressed, think about the reasons why you decided to withdraw from smoking. Start living healthy for your own good, and for the people you love as well.

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Nettie Gray used to to be a heavy smoker, until he caught his son sneaking from his essay writing service tutor, and helping himself to a pack of cigarettes.

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