A Wedding on a Budget

Relationship experts believe the #1 reason couples fight over is money. When it comes to money, your first challenge is your wedding. It’s every woman’s dream to have a great wedding. A great wedding costs money. So, before you even envision what your great wedding is going to be like, you need to make a bigger decision and the decision is “How much money do you want to spend on your wedding?” Read further to see how Melissa planned her wedding..

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Before I got swept away with magical locations and $100 canapés, bankrupting my sweetheart and parents in the process, I wanted to come up with a reasonable budget.

I started with a logical source, Budget Weddings magazine and I also asked around to get a sense of what friends have spent on their NYC weddings.

Everyone agreed that the two big price tags were the venue and the catering.  The only couple in the magazine who had actually served a meal to 150 people, which seemed like the minimum crowd Matt and I could whittle down to, had spent $25,000.

One of my friends had snagged a combo ceremony/reception site at an upper East Side church for $1,000 (regularly $4,000 but they had an inside connection) and had dished up a dry reception for $50 per head but still spent over $20,000.  Matt and I like a good drink now and again, so I couldn’t envision a dry wedding.

I’m a bargain hunter by nature, though and very ambitious, not to mention crafty.  I set our budget well below all of these sources and resolved to stick to it.  Just because you can spend more doesn’t mean you have to, right?

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About the Author

Melissa Haines is a relationship counselor in New York City and writes a blog (blog.whereisthisgoing.us) on the science of dating, mating, and breaking up.


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About the author: Melissa Haines

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