Are you an Organized Traveller?

Travel is one area that challenges most people’s organization skills, leave alone style. When you travel, it’s important that you travel light and carry only the things that you really need. It’s tempting to carry your entire wardrobe for a 2-day trip, the common excuse being “what if I really need it?” If you observe your past behavior, most of the time you have never needed most of the things that you carry along with you.

Depending on the purpose of your travel and the duration, the most essential things you need for your travel are:

Your travel documents

This should be the first area you should get sorted out. Sorting out your travel documents in the last minute can cause lot of stress and worry. Besides, forgetting a travel document at the last minute can cause more problems than forgetting a sweat shirt.

Enough clothing

You should carry just enough clothing for the duration of your visit. If you are travelling for business then carry more business wear. If it is a two day trip, you shouldn’t carry more than 3 pairs of business wear, 3 pairs of casuals, 3 pairs of lingerie, two pairs of sleep wear, 3 pairs of footwear and a towel. This should be enough. If you run out of clothing, you can always get them washed at the hotel.

Make-up Kit and Vanity

Carry miniature versions of your tooth paste, tooth brush, shampoo, face wash, etc as much as possible.

Check list

The above are just some of the essentials you might need when you travel. Make your own checklist of all the items you need before you travel. And, make sure to buy a good quality duffel bag if you don’t already have one like the one made by Port Authority that is compact, can fit all your items comfortably and is easy to move around.

Please feel free to share any travel suggestions you may have in the comments section below.

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