Eight Hot Honeymoon Trends

Find out why unique cruises, stylish hotels, and adrenaline-raising trips are in demand for honeymoon travel.

1. Adventure Trips
If you are a couple that loves to surf, enjoys hiking and like the thrill of driving in rugged terrains, then this honeymoon trend is perfect for you.

Where to Go

· There are several luxury safaris that you can take like Tintswalo Safari Lodge in South Africa.
· In Gozo Island in Mediterranean you get the liberty to take weeklong bike trips. Just decide the routes and start biking.
· In Vancouver Island, there is Nimmo Bay Resort, where you can find helicopter pilots giving exciting trips.

2. Private Villas
Despite being expensive, private villas give privacy of home and therefore are worth staying for honeymoon.

Where to Go

· In Turks and Caicos there are 40 pavilions at Amanyara made of primarily glass and wood.
· Bahamian Island of Eleuthera has Cotton Bay Villas perfect for honeymoon.
· Ritz-Carlton at Bali Resort and Spa has villas with pools.

3. Green Honeymoons
These are the resorts that are eco-friendly but still luxurious.

Where to Go

· Turtle island in Fiji, has organic farming and limit of 14 couples.
· Cuixmala resort in Mexico is like 25,000 acre wild life resort.
· In Belize the Machaca Hill Lodge is in 11,000 acre nature reserve.

4. Intimate Cruises
These are luxury boats with few rooms which take you to niche fun spots.

Where to Go

· Zahra trip of Nile River is a week-long luxury journey. You learn about history and relax while having fun.
· A 6-night cruise of French Polynesian Leeward Islands which starts at Bora Bora and ends there after making stops at 3 islands.
· Tour of Galapagos Islands, sponsored by National Geographic gives you good wild-life views.

5. The Sporting Life
There are some great destinations for you if you enjoy sporting events.

Where to Go

· Like F-1 racing then take a trip at any of their venue cities.
· Like tennis enjoy ATP tour destinations for honeymoon.
· Like soccer then Rio de Janeiro is best place and Maracana is the stadium to visit.

6. Foodie Trips
If you are a fan of fine cuisine, then searching place for your honeymoon with 12-course menus, fine wines and great service is not that tough.

Where to Go

· L’Atelier de Joel in Paris is a place you should be if you are food lover.
· In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico there is Esperanza resort where you can taste 100+ types of tequila.
· In Barcelona, Spain there is a restaurant TabaC24 which serves great specialties.

7. Country Hopping
You can also split your honeymoon travel in two different places.

Where to Go

· You can enjoy the skyscrapers of Dubai in U.A.E., and then fly to beaches of Maldives which is 5 hour journey.
· Get the beach experience in Sicily Island, Italy and then enjoy the ancient artifacts of Athens, Greece.
· Enjoy nightlife of Antigua, Phuket,  Caribbean Island and then fly to Dominica which is just 40 minute away and enjoy its serenity.

8. Boutique Hotels
Hotels with less than 100 rooms, which give personalized service, are good honeymoon option.

Where to Go

· In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, there is Hacienda San Angel Hotel, where chef serves dinner wherever you want.
· At London’s 41, you get the opportunity to live next to Buckingham Palace and enjoy the aristocracy there.
· In Venice, a hotel named Bauer il Palazzo is 100+ years old, with 82 suites and rooms, beat for honeymoon.

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About the author: Maya Johnson

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