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Ellen Sirot aka The Supermodel of Hands who has been a hand model for over 20 years and who has got her hands photographed for several ad campaigns writes about the importance of taking care of your hands and her beauty secrets perfected for over 20 years.

Hands and feet are often the most ignored parts of our bodies – yet they are actually one of our most sensitive and sensual areas, with more nerve endings than almost any of our other body parts.

Additionally, our hands tell so much about us – they show our age, our attention to detail and can even show self esteem.

Yet, we are not taught how to care for our hands and feet.  We all know how to take care of our face, teeth and hair but the extremities are forgotten. And, due to constant use and washing, our hands are our fastest aging body part – and they can actually make you look and feel older than you really are. I often hear people who have the “I hate my hands” syndrome.

I feel my 20 year dedication to hands has given me a unique insight and body of knowledge. My mission with Hand Perfection is to help people be able to care for their hands in an easy, inexpensive and effective manner  and to feel better and more confident in their hand outreach.

Take matters into your own hands and follow my quick and easy tips for soft, ageless hands quickly and easily:

1.  Wash with a gentle, sulfate free cleanser to nourish hands rather than harsh soaps or dehydrating anti-bacterials that strip the delicate skin.  Also, keep dish-washing gloves around for cleaning and messy situations so you can actually avoid further non-essential hand washing.  Remember to gently pat dry, do not stretch out the skin.

2. Replenish the moisture after you wash your hands. Look for a nutrient-rich cream that is loaded with skin-friendly fatty acids and antioxidants to nourish the delicate skin of the hands, while helping combat signs of skin aging (lines, wrinkles, age spots). Petroleum-free
formulas are designed to stay on through multiple washings without any sticky tackiness.  Plus optics technology helps improve the appearance (texture and tone) of hands instantly.

3. Take a minute each day to focus on your nails and cuticles, become less reliant on costly manicures, and work on helping your nails look good naked. Apply a gentle nail-specific oil to condition dry, jagged cuticles and nourish and strengthen nails. Gently push back cuticles with a washcloth while you are in the shower or after you have applied oil to avoid the need to cut. It only takes a minute and it makes a HUGE difference.

4. Use an overnight hand-specific serum to capitalize on the body’s circadian rhythms to
give the skin of your hands an overnight boost while not in use.

5. Get in the habit of treating your hands like jewels NOT tools.  And use the tools to help you – letter openers, scissors and bottle openers all help us avoid hand harm.

6. Always remember to sun-proof your hands when going outside by using sunscreen on your hands and/or using UPF Sungloves.

Take time to have soft, ageless hands.  It only take a minute a day and it’s a great gift to yourself – and to anyone else who is touching your hands.  Remember hands are not just a visual part of your body but a physical part as well.  We are shaking hands with people everyday.

For models and actors it’s a given to put their best hand forward.  But for people in any situation the hands say a huge amount about us and is similar to having a great haircut. You want to present yourself in the best way possible by having healthy, soft hands and conditioned nails and cuticles.

About the Author

Ellen Sirot is a Top Hand Model, Hand Care Expert, Founder/CEO of Hand Perfection, Beauty Launch Consultant and Motivational Speaker.

Read Ellen’s interview by clicking here..


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