Lauren Zapko – Model, Actor, Dancer

Meet Lauren Zapko. She is an actor, model, dancer and theater artiste. She has been involved as a performer in several theater performances, TV shows, films and others artistic ventures.

She says, “I am a Pittsburgh girl, where football reigns supreme but I was able to find outlets that cultivated my creativity in the arts.  I have been told I am ‘a leggy blonde that exudes charm with my extroverted spirit, talent and good looks’ but in my words I am just a hard working, persistent and dedicated friendly girl next door!” interviewed Lauren and this is what she had to say to the questions we threw at her.

Since when have you been into theater and what got you interested in theater?

Like most girls, I was attracted to the world of dancing at a very young age but the impetus for the beginning of a career in dance and music theatre is decidedly different from the crowd. At the tender age of four, I was struck by a police car.  While abrasions to my face, arm and knee healed with time, I was issued a “prescription to dance” with hopes of regaining vital strength and flexibility.

Dancing also initially offered me avenues to obtain levels of discipline and exercise. But after years of training, the motivation for dancing no longer stemmed from a doctor’s suggestion, but has evolved into a career dream.  Musical theater requires the talents of a triple threat in dancing, singing and acting so I was well on my way.

The singing and acting lessons started in middle school and I was hooked. Theater is a passion that runs clear to my soul so even though it is a constant challenge I would rather spend my life pursuing it than doing something else that would only be mildly diverting.

What do you like about this profession and what do you dislike about this profession?

I love the constant change, meeting new people and the challenges it offers.  But let’s face it…there’s no stability!

Tell us about your favorite performances?

“It’s the performance I am in at the moment.”  Every single performance brings its own energy so I am just happy and lucky to be working.

Tell us about your DVD coaching series, what is it about? And, how does it help people?

“My creative side meets my business side” and I launched Dramatical Difference; nine easy-to-follow video modules for artists in every phase of their career. “It is called show business, but no one ever teaches the business aspect.”  I am certain that my DVD series can be helpful for other artists looking to be an industry success.  Visit for more info.

What kind of training have you had as an actress, singer, model and dancer?

My dance training began when I was toddler at a local studio which also included competitive dancing.  In my teens I attended Pittsburgh CLO of Music Theater and Young Performer’s Institute at the Richard E. Rauh Conservatory.  I was selected to attend Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Arts.  My undergrad college education netted me a cum laude B.F.A. degree in Music Theater from Elon University in North Carolina.  As far as modeling is concerned, the first job I booked was when I was three so I guess you can say that was “on the job training”.  And in all things, I will never stop training.

What is the best compliment you have ever received?

A colleague once told me “Good things happen to good people…and you are a good person.”

What’s your favorite movie and why?

I have lots of favorite movies but only one favorite TV series which is a very short lived HBO produced show starring Lisa Kudrow called The Comeback…Hilarious!

What kind of music do you listen to?

I have an eclectic taste in music. My iPod has all genres from Broadway to Country to Pop to Classical to Blues and more.

What do you do for fun?

Of course my job is fun but I also love shopping, traveling, and working out.

Tell us something about your upcoming work.

I am performing in Pittsburgh CLO’s summer season at the Benedum Center.  I am cast in Jekyll & Hyde, Love Changes Everything, The Sound of Music and Jesus Christ Superstar.

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