Mining Jobs – Opportunities for Women?

There is still less job opportunities for women within any given industry, although we are heading in the right direction and trying to make women’s chances of landing a job equal to those a man has. The time has passed when we would discriminate between male and female jobs, and what counts is that a person is dedicated, punctual and serious about doing their job. Modern companies are looking for people who can plan ahead, who want a career and a means to support their families in the long run, as people like this are more responsible and reliable.

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Women in particular make great workers as they are often a lot more serious and careful when they work than man. In the mining industry women are said to be much gentler with the equipment and generally more punctual than men, and they are a good influence as the guys tend to be on their best behavior around women. Despite these facts there are still only around 11 percent of women working in the Australian mining industry, the most developed industry in the world . It’s easy to see why people might consider this a predominantly male industry (e.g. because of the physical strength required for some of the labor intensive jobs), but there are many jobs available that require a bit more than mere physical strength and high fitness levels.

Good entry level jobs for women

Even if you have very little experience or qualifications, for instance if you were a stay at home mom and didn’t work for a while, you have a few jobs available that don’t require special training:

●     Cleaner

●     Kitchen hand

●     Waitress

These are some of the jobs that will get you into the mining industry and allow you to make some progress in the future and receive training to help you land a higher paying job. Entry level jobs that will require a bit of training and some skill, but that are excellent starter jobs with good pay and moderate level of work include:

●     Mine site bus driver – if you can drive a bus, you can get a job driving workers to the mine site (BIBO, Bus In, Bus Out arrangement).

●     Truck driver – there are different types of trucks on a mining site, and while dump trucks and road trains will require some experience and specialized training, water trucks and similar vehicles only require a HR (Heavy rigid vehicle) license.

●     Forklift operator – if you don’t have a forklift license, you can take a short training course and learn to drive one. It is a very useful addition to your CV, and can land your first mining job that can serve as a stepping stone in your new career.

●     Sample preparer – an excellent entry level job that emphasizes intellectual work, although you will still be expected to maintain, catalogue and send out equipment and materials which might entail a bit of physical labor. A moderate level of physical fitness is expected and you will have to work in some remote areas, but the salary is quite good.

●     Secretary – your standard desk job, just like in any other industry and requires people skills and an ability to communicate, as well as dedication and computer skills.

●     Typist – this jobs entails working long hours on a computer, entering data, monitoring the computer and looking for problems. If you are a relaxed, motivated and able to keep working on optimal levels for long periods of time, then this might be the right career choice for you.

●     Receptionist/help desk clerk – these are also your typical jobs in administration, and it might have you working in an office in the city, with no need for going to the mine site itself, but it is often more difficult to get such a position, and work in the mines pays better.


There is plenty of work for a woman in the mines, at the mining camp or at the desk in an office. Many of the best truck drivers are women, but there are women doing even the more difficult drilling jobs, and they often show a greater aptitude for the machines they operate than the men, who have been known to get a bit careless. Australian mining jobs are a great career opportunity for women, especially now that the number of female workers in the industry is still low and the industry is being spurred by the government to hire more female workers.

About the author: Maya Johnson

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