The Best Medical Jobs for Women

Women’s choices for best medical careers are the ones that offer career advancement and flexibility to fit their goal-oriented personality and personal situation. Since time immemorial, women played a crucial role in the health care profession, which even lead some people to believe that some medical careers are only suited for women.

With their gentle and natural caring personalities and career-oriented way of handling their tasks, many women have made a good name in the medical industry. Most medical professions that are popular with women deal with women’s health. These careers are more suitable for women, since some female patients prefer to be treated and taken care of by fellow women. Some of these medical careers also offer more flexible schedules and are home-based, which allow women to work while taking care of their family at home. Below is a list of the five best medical jobs for women.

Obstetrician and Gynecologist

It is a common belief that only a woman can understand a woman. This is the reason why most women prefer visiting a female gynecologist. They are more comfortable discussing their health related problems with a female doctor. This makes the gynecologist profession well-suited for a woman and perhaps one of the best medical careers for women. Obstetricians and Gynecologists offer advice, intervention, and medical care for a woman’s reproductive health. They offer either general OB/GYN services or a specialized service for a particular health area.

Medical Jobs for Women


Women, are often seen as the most common representatives of the nursing profession. Nursing is one of the most versatile professions in the medical industry as it can be hospital based, office based, community based, and home based, among others. Nurses typically work in shift patterns, providing a considerable amount of flexibility in the working hours, making this one of the best medical career choices for women. Locum tenens jobs offer additional flexibility to medical professionals who like to travel, or who plan to only live a certain amount of time at a specific location.


The satisfaction and joy that a woman receives in providing children with a proper treatment and care cannot be equaled by any other medical career. Taking care of children’s health and dealing with them infuse a sense of achievement for many women.

Pharmacologist and Pharmacist

Pharmaceutical careers are medical careers that also offer a certain degree of flexibility in a woman’s work schedule as these can be a part-time or a job-sharing opportunity. These careers also provide advancement opportunities for those who are career-driven and passionate enough to manage bigger responsibilities. Pharmacologists are involved in the preparation of new drugs and in the study of how these drugs can be used effectively and safely. Generally, they assist scientists on an advanced level. On the other hand, pharmacists deal with medicines. They make sure that the patients are given the right medication when they visit the pharmacy.

Medical Transcriptionist

This medical career is ideal for women who need to take care of their family while building a career for her self as this job can be done at the comfort of a home using a computer and a phone. Since many doctors do not have the luxury of time to write their medical reports, they make use of a voice recorder to record their medical reports. This helps them save time and energy. Consequently, these audio files need to be transcribed by someone who is knowledgeable about various medical terms. This job is done by a medical transcriptionist. They convert the voice recordings into a text report, which is then approved by the doctor. Some documents that are transcribed by a medical transcriptionist include autopsy reports, doctor’s referral reports, operative reports, medical examination reports, and diagnostic studies, among others.

Overall, the above-mentioned careers offer great pay package, great flexibility and career advancement, making them the best medical careers for many women. However, determining the very best career in the medical industry depends mainly on individual career goal and situation.

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