Yoga Poses for Better Sleep at Night after a Stressful Day

Inadequate sleep or lack of quality sleep is common across many age groups these days. However, getting at least six hours of sleep on a daily basis is essential because it is during sleep that our body removes toxins ad make necessary repairs on a cellular level. So, if you are not getting good sleep, it may be so that you might be faster and may be suffering from the sign of confused thinking. In order to sleep enough, you can try doing some effective yoga apart from having medications and supplements. Regular yoga can help prevent insomnia and other sleep disorders. Here are some basic and easy yoga poses to try before going to bed for having a peaceful sleep.

Forward Bend (Hastapadasana)

This is a pose that helps the back muscles to stretch well for triggering good sleep. Stretching the muscles releases tension due to which one can experience good quality of sleep. Further, it stimulates the nervous system by boosting the circulation. In order to practice forward bend, you start by standing straight with feet put together, weight balanced equally on both feet, and inhaling while extending your arms overhead. Now, exhale and bend forward and then downwards towards the feet. Be in this pose for half a minute with legs and spine straight and hands beside the feet. When you exhale, shift the chest towards the knees; press the heels down, raise the hips and tailbone higher, and let the head relax towards the feet. You must breathe deeply during this pose. To return to original position, inhale and stretch your arms forward and up, and then exhale while bringing hands on their sides.

Cat Stretch (Marjariasana)

This pose is just ideal massaging the digestive system, boosting spine flexibility, improving blood flow, and relaxing the mind As a result, it is the must-do pose for sleeping well. In order to perform this pose, kneel down on ground such that the back looks like the table top, while the hands and feet act like the table legs. Let the arms be perpendicular to the floor, with the hands flat on the ground and knees being hip-width apart. Now, just look ahead straight. Then, inhale and lift your chin, slant your head back, impel your navel downwards, compress your buttocks, and lift the tailbone. Be in this pose for a few seconds and breathe deeply.

Child Pose (Shishuasana)

This is a highly relaxing stretch that is effective in soothing the nervous system for making you sleep in peace. Start by sit on the ground on your heels. Next, let your hips be on the heels and try to bend forward while lowering your forehead to the floor. Then, place the arms alongside the body, hands on the floor, and palms looking up. Alternatively, you can position one fist atop another and make your forehead relax on them. Do not forget to press the chest gently on your thighs. Be in this pose for a few seconds and come up slowly in the original position.

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