5 tips on how to get a Hollywood smile at a reasonable price


A sparkling set of teeth is thought to be the secret behind the ultimate Hollywood smile and good looks, achieved by various orthodontic and dentistry techniques such as teeth whitening, veneering, crowning and more. Cosmetic procedures can be quite expensive so we have put together five tips on how to get a Hollywood smile at a reasonable price.

#1 Look for a professional qualified and registered dentist

Although you might think this is the most expensive way to do this at first, in the long run it can really save you some cash. The whitening products and toothpastes you can find on the high street at cheap prices are likely to not contain the standard 6% hydrogen peroxide used by professionals to whiten teeth.

A lot of these high street products can be extremely acidic and actually harmful to the teeth rather than helping to improve their whiteness. This can lead to you repeatedly buying products over and over in the hope that they are working, whereas a trip to a dentist London to have your teeth whitened to get that Hollywood smile is likely to save you a lot of time, effort and money in the future, and will help match your teeth to your skin tone.

#2 Look at dentistry reviews

This should be something that everyone considering getting their teeth whitened or having any other cosmetic treatments done to get that perfect Hollywood smile.

Although you might be looking to get a treatment done as cheaply as possible, it might be worth paying that little bit extra to make sure you get the best.

Dentistry reviews let you know just how good the dentist London is, and whether or not they are reasonable. This again might seem like the more expensive option at the time, but if your teeth are over-treated by an unqualified dentist you might have to face having the work redone costing you more money in the long-run. Finding a good dentist, where many people are happy with their results is an important part in getting your smile at a reasonable price.

#3 Dentistry Comparison

To ensure you get the best treatment at the most reasonable price, it is important to compare a number of dentists. There are a huge number of dentists that offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures, and finding the best and the most reasonably priced takes a lot of research.

You need to decide the best treatment for you, whether it’s teeth whitening, veneering, braces or something else, you can compare a number of treatments for you to find the best prices. Make sure you see a lot of before and after cases so you can be sure you know you can get the results you want from the right dentist.

#4 Look out for deals and offers

Once you’ve found the right treatment and dentist for you, it might be worth scouring their website for deals and offers on those treatments.

Quite often, dentists have offers on their cosmetic treatments, whether it’s half price, deal of the month or other promotions. Also certain deal websites such as Groupon might have an offer on.

This will help you to get the right treatment at a reasonable price, however don’t spend all of your time just chasing the deals – make sure it’s with a dentist that you feel comfortable with and really want to get treated by.

#5 Don’t get talked into spending more money that you want to

It’s always important to remember that private dentistry’s are businesses and their aim is to make money. A lot of dentists have been known to talk their patients into getting higher priced cosmetic treatment, or just more of it, that they don’t necessarily need.

It’s always good to listen to a professional during a consultation but make sure you know what your main goal for the end of the treatment.

Being talked into spending more money than you can afford or more money than you had originally planned makes your once reasonably priced Hollywood Smile a lot more expensive.

However, not all dentists are like this, so it is important to read reviews of people who had previously been to the dentists you are looking at, and to discuss your best options with a range of professionals so you can be sure to get the right treatment for you at the best price.

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