7 Questions with Rock Star Anand Bhatt

Anand Bhatt, born in Chicago, is one of the hottest rock & on-screen celebrities to be recognized worldwide. As a major rock star & TV/Movie personality, Anand Bhatt has been seen and honored just about everywhere.

Aside from Bhatt’s great movie & TV roles, talk-show appearances and nerve sparking hosting gigs, Bhatt is known for his GRAMMY recognized music as both a solo artist and frontman for celebrated heavy rock group Anand Clique.

Anand Bhatt got his start to fame at a young age thanks to collaborations with Faith No More, cable acting gigs and many celebrity testimonials.

Anand Bhatt is the first Indian-American to be inducted into the Latin Grammys. Furthermore, his charity efforts have been successful for both Animal Rescue, Teen Rehabilitation and Gulf Oil Spill cleanup (and have garnered good press attention to boot).

Anand Bhatt can be seen on the red carpet as an award consideree and voting member.

Anand Answers 7 Questions For MissPerfectWoman.com

1.     How important is networking in the film industry?

Very Important.  In my experience most gigs are achieved based on who you know.

2.     Can you tell us one personal success story on networking?

I was once networking online with a girl that happened to be starring in an upcoming showtime original.  We hit it off and she connected the director and me as friends.  I then became good friends with the director, got a gig to do the musical soundtrack for the project.  He then connected me to several producers and other talent and directors and I started landing some TV roles.

3.     I have heard of actors and models landing a big acting gig without any auditions, is that true?

I haven’t auditioned for most of my gigs.  Very often, someone has me in mind for something and contacts me about it.  It appears that auditions are a waste of time, statistically and otherwise – especially if you have a socialable personality and a reel to show your friends in high places.

4.     Why are some of the best acting and modeling jobs never advertised?

I’ve talked to casting directors and producers about this before.  It seems that if you advertise a job, you will be flooded with applicants!  Nobody wants to sit their and audition hundreds of people for a given role.  It is WAY easier to just call on actors you’ve already worked with.

5.     With who, where, and when should you network?

Facebook is pretty great.   Twitter is not bad to read tweets about projects in preproduction sometimes.  Linked-in has proven to be OK in terms of introducing people to add on facebook.   Actually, my fan list at http://www.facebook.com/anandbhattrock is a pretty good place to meet people as well.  You also want to meet people that are working on something in the pre-production stage or in the process of making pitches.

6.     Who are the best kinds of network contacts?

Directors and Producers – hands down.

7.     What’s the biggest mistake new actors and models make while networking?

Joining societies, begging for jobs and gigs during social events, passing around demos/reels during inappropriate social situations, being all work and no play, not flirting.  AND in my opinion, going to auditions (unless you’re BRAND new).

You can join Anand’s fan page on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/anandbhattrock or follow him on twitter at www.twitter.com/anandbhatt

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