Celebrity Body Parts Insurance – Vanity or Necessary Protection?

A great set of legs are what some women can only hope to have and men love to see.

image by David Castillo Dominici from freedigitalphotos.netSome of the best “gams” are often seen via the media; print ads presenting pantyhose, television commercials offering lotions for moisturizing or tanning; the list can be endless. If you were a leg model; who was injured with scarring on your legs beyond cosmetic repair, how could you recoup the loss? Your leg modeling career would be over. How would the medical bills associated with the injury be paid? How about loss of wages? In the described scenario, having leg insurance would have protected the model; with a payout or benefit amount upon submission of her claim.

Insurance offers security and protection against loss. Insurance is usually purchased to insure what we deem irreplaceable or priceless, correct? With that in mind; could this be the premise for celebs when they insure their anatomical parts? An approved claim submitted against this kind of policy will payout upon loss. The individual insured receives the benefit upon “loss of their limb” or loss of whatever he or she deems valuable enough to insure. Necessary life insurance policies have been reinvented in ways beyond normal convention. It may be a specialty line or a modified accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy.

Vanity or not?

Mariah Carey has insured her legs In the amount of $1 billion. She has beautiful legs; however isn’t she well known for her singing voice, not her legs? Could Mariah still belt out a tune while sitting in a wheel chair? Having millions of dollars to spare does allow for new ways to spend it. Her singing performances usually include dancing. Limbs are priceless.

Soccer player David Beckham insured his legs for $70 million. Now here we have an individual whose legs are necessary to perform what he was contracted to do; he has to run to play soccer. If he loses his legs, his soccer career is over. After his recovery, he could participate in sports for the physically challenged. However, he would have to learn how to play the game in a completely new way.

Dolly Parton a country singer, songwriter, author, and actress purchased a policy to insure her voluptuous “girls” for $600 thousand. The valuation process being unknown makes it difficult to determine the exact calculations that was required to arrive at that number. Her rise to fame was due to her singing talent. She is also well known due to her enormous bosom. She would not be herself without them.

Big wheels keep on turning the pages on Tina’s insurance policy, so many pages to review. Tina Turner; “Queen of Rock and Roll” insured her legs for $3.2 million. Her legs were featured by Hanes in advertising campaigns back in the eighties. Acting, Singing and dancing, such energy filled performances; without her legs, it just would not be the same.

Jamie Lee Curtis insured her legs for $2 million. She has a gorgeous figure, exercises regularly to maintain her extremely fit physique. She created fitness video back in the eighties, and starred in so many movies. Did she insure her legs for $1 million each? Is that the replacement value? How do you determine the value of limbs?

Why should anyone insure parts of their bodies? Why not?

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici from http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/

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