Cosmetic Surgey: The Most Widespread Myths

In the past few years the cosmetic surgery segment of the health care industry has exploded. The statistics recorded at the end of 2011 revealed that over $10.4 billion has been spent on interventions meant to reshape or correct various cosmetic problems, totaling 5.7 million procedures. As the numbers grow, and more individuals become interested in improving their physical aspect trough surgery, several myths need to be clarified.

Liposuction is a way to lose weight

The same thing goes for liposuction. Most misinformed individuals believe that this procedure is an alternative to diet and exercise and it can help them lose weight, but it isn’t. ¬†Doctors will recommend such an invasive procedure only as a means to re-sculpt the body. Since there are no two bodies alike, some might have a hard time losing weight in certain areas. This is where liposuction comes in. It can reshape that area of the body to correct imperfections.

Botox increases lip size
This is one of the first myths that roams around. In fact, Botolinum injection is only used to soften the edges of the lips. Dermal fillers are used for that. Botox is now used mostly around the eyes to soften the wrinkles.

Cellulite Can’t be Treated with Cosmetic Surgery
Another general concern, especially for women is cellulite. Even if there are thousands of products on the market, none of them work. No cream or any other kind of treatment that involves very little effort from the user is known to have any positive effect. The only way to get rid of cellulite is with the aid of a special treatment that lets heat pass under the skin, breaking cellulite. The effects of this procedure usually last five years and if the body has a predisposition to develop cellulite, it will reappear.

Loose Skin Can Be Reduced By Exercising
Loose skin is another cosmetic issue that caused a lot of false rumors. For example, loose skin will not contract if the individual starts working out. Also, there is no diet that can fix this issue. There are two major reasons why it is developed by certain individuals. The first category includes people that lost a significant amount of weight. Due to this sudden change, a lot of extra skin is left hanging. The second group involves only women that gave birth. During the pregnancy, the skin stretches and after delivery, some of it fails to contract. In order to fix this problem, surgery is recommended. The ones that wish to try a less invasive procedure might want to look at some laser procedures. In average, the skin can contract 30 to 40% without any kind of surgical intervention. Deciding which one is best should be an issue discussed with a doctor.

These are just some of the most common misconceptions regarding cosmetic surgery. It is always best to just consult a doctor because these procedures change overtime and are becoming more and more natural. The recovery period is shorter and there are almost no complications

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