Dressing up for a Pageant on a Budget

Taking part in a beauty pageant can be a really expensive affair if you don’t plan properly. Girls entering a beauty pageant may need to spend money on nice dresses, make-up, grooming, hairstyling, beauty classes, etc.

When it comes to dresses, I know someone who spent over $ 4000 just on her dresses to enter a beauty pageant. This is something we do not recommend. When it comes to dresses, the sentence you need to remember is cheap dresses, in fact make it cheap cheap dresses. When I say cheap cheap clothes, I mean in terms of money spent, the clothes have to be less expensive but at the same time they should be stylish and classy. You can get brand name clothing for cheap if you are a little bit creative and look around for possibilities to save money.

Some of the ways to save money on dresses is to rent them, if you look around your local yellow pages, you should find vendors who could rent you some fine clothing for a day or two. Why would you want to buy something that you are going to wear only once. Remember, you wouldn’t want to wear the dress you wore at the pageant again because the entire world would’ve seen you in that dress.

Another cost effective method is to contact previous contestants and ask them to lend it to you or you can buy it from them for real cheap. I’m sure they would want to get rid of them as most people don’t wear these clothes very much after the pageant.

Another option for cheap cheap clothes are online auction sites like ebay or certain discount retailers online. You’d be surprised to see so many discount options online. Online is a great place for discount shopping.

One other option is to borrow clothes from a friend or a family member. You can wear it for a day or two during the pageant and return it to them after the pageant. I am sure there will be several friends and family members who will be willing to help out.

When it comes to pageant dresses, just remember to be a little creative and don’t sell your house to finance your pageant dream.

If you have any suggestions about low cost dressing for pageants, please feel free to comment in the comments sections below.

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