Etiquette for a Professional Model

Modeling is a lucrative career option that is open to people of all ages. It is a short-lived profession that can make or break a person’s self-esteem, family and reputation. It is a marketing strategy for many business entities in order to create sales and improve business health. It is a job that can take you to the spotlight along with money, fame, fantasy and glamor.

A Model Person

A model is a male or female, young or adult person who works in the fashion industry, television, or film. This person models, advertises and promotes clothes, footwear, commercial products, sportswear or works of art. These models can be seen on TV, books, magazines, newspapers, billboards and movies. There are many ways to act like a professional model. Here, your personality and character counts. A professional model is always in the right place, with the right people, and at the right time.

The Right Place

As a model, you know exactly where to put yourself. A professional model comes to a photo session, an interview or an appointment on time. She works hard to learn and master various posing techniques. A model that shows up late, not properly dressed and unrehearsed is what turns off professional photographers, talent scouts and commercial agents. Becoming a model, you need to find the right place for you. A runway model has a height requirement, meaning you have to be tall. A commercial model requires a sexy body and the ability to entertain viewers, while a promotional model has good looks and possesses a convincing power. Since you will be dealing with local agents for a magazine, TV, online and offline commercials, try to have a positive mind set and stick to your goal. This way, you can establish rapport and a good relationship with people you are working with.

The Right People

Modeling can take you to the world of fantasies, fame and glory. You have lots of competition, so modeling agencies like Elite, Ford, IMG and others are not going to settle for less. You will most likely be turned down if you don’t have the right reputation. Be flexible and know how to tune in with people including your make-up artist, props crew, photographers, managers and trainers. Adhere to your doctor’s prescription on dieting, follow your signed contract and don’t be unpredictable. Dress well when attending a party, enjoy and talk to everyone. Don’t get caught up with illicit drugs. This way, you have the chance to become a supermodel. You need to practice more, improve your style and do exactly what is obliged of you to do.

The Right Time

For professional models, time is precious. A model plans daily activities or routine. Like any other professional, he or she needs 8 hours of sleep. He or she also needs visit the gym in order to get fit. Models practice walking the catwalk and posing in swimsuits or bikinis. They are health-conscious and they make sure they have proper nutrition and always stick to their diet. They make sure their facial expressions are perfect and best for commercial taping and other promotional work. People with the right body and good looks are blessed. With the proper training, positive attitude and the right timing, they can be the next top model.

Once you become a model, be a model in words and in deeds. If you have a stunning look, right height requirement and the right attitude, modeling agents have no reasons to turn you down. They are looking for models with professional character.

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I by no means know too much about the professional modeling world, but I've worked with a few models through various jobs and I watch enough America's Next Top Model to know that this is very insightful. I have a few friends who are aspiring models, and they could use a lesson or two on being a little more professional.

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