Festive, Fashion, and Fun at the Bangalore Fashion Week 2013

Bangalore Fashion Week 2013 Winter Festival was all Festive, Fashion, and Fun. This year’s event had some new additions too: BFW Xbit,  an exclusive 4-Day exhibit and sale by the participating Fashion Designers and Lifestyle Brands;  a platform for designers and exhibitors to generate sales at the fashion week, and give their patrons a closer look at the designs.

This ninth edition, held again at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Electronic City, Stage 1, Bangalore India, turned out a packed-house eager to see this season’s “festive” fashions.  And festive they were. The event featured top designers Arjun Khanna, Abhishek Dutta, Monapali, Pria Kataaria Puri, and — from Australia — Diana Marjana Kovacevic.

Well organized by Dream Merchants, the event was well-spaced, and well-paced to allow attendees to fully absorb the event offers. The breaks between shows were just long enough to stretch one’s legs, relax at the bar or hotel lounge, or stroll the Xbit and then return to the next runway show ready and alert.  Indigo 91.9 Radio was also on hand reporting live from the hotel lobby; interviewing designers and celebrities.

The final day of Fashion Week found Vinil, our managing editor and I roaming between the exhibits, runway shows and the outdoor Blender’s Pride open bar (not just whisky, but some very nice white Chenin Blanc and red wine too) — where we ran into quite a few of the designers, models, and fashion-goers, as well as DJ Yon, who produced all the music for the Fashion Week.

With all the celebrity and fun, it was still the fashions that stole the show. The offerings for the women were fresh while also maintaining distinct Indian style and festive vibrance. The clothes were flowing, ultra-feminine and colorful. Pallavi Naidu presented the first show of the day with a contemporary free-flowing collection of monotone highlighted with a single splash of color. It was fun, flirty and feminine.

Next up was Chaitali Biplab a show that — although some pieces had a contemporary bent — used a complexity of mixed colors and fabrics for a very ethnic style.

The show by Aslam Khan’s menswear collection was very western-style, with longer sleeves and pants, mostly showing thin lapels, low cut, with single or double buttons. There were however two unique pieces: one brown suit offered a five-button Neru jacket, while the other featured pants just below the knee accompanied by knee socks.

The full contemporary women’s collection showed lots of pantsuits in bold (shocking aqua blue, lime-green) and subtle (beige, soft rust, browns) alike.  They were contemporary, some with flowing wide-legged pants, some with straight-legged-tight to the ankle pants, and others with form-fitted skirts just above the knee.  There was a focus on single-button short jackets and plunging necklines, highlighting subtle and delicate camisoles. One combination coupled skin-tight black pants with a single-button charcoal gray jacket [thin lapel and two side pockets] for the nightlife set in New York City, Paris, Dubai or Mumbai. The looks were feminine, but meant to be worn by strong, confident and contemporary women.  The collection was topped off by a bejeweled creation. Colored in deep purples, violets, and highlights of golden beige, the bare-backed ensemble came complete with a front worn cape that shimmered in iridescent blue/purple against the light. A dress to be worn for high-occasion, sure to get one noticed by men and women alike, it embodied the elegance and high-drama of past kingdoms.

The grand finale by Arjun Khanna was a crowd-pleaser with his quirky sense of fusion style.

Keeping in the spirit of Pink Hope, designer Abhishek Dutta presented a Pink & White line, exclusively created in support of the cause.  Mr. Feroz Khan, Event Director at Dream Merchants, noted before the show that “We are also associating with the cause of breast cancer awareness this edition, since we believe that the BPBFW has grown big enough to make an impact and help a cause. We would like to create awareness about Breast Cancer among the fashion fraternity through this platform.”

All of us at Miss Perfect Women would like to congratulate the designers for their creative vision at this year’s event. They inspire and move the masses with textures and colors.

Check out our photo gallery to see all the fashions from the runway, and our Facebook page to see the gallery of other photos from the Xbit floor, the Blender’s pride Outdoor Bar, and the Kingfisher Ultra After Party. Until next year fashion enthusiasts, we’d like to thank the organizers for their hospitality to the press and congratulations for another fine Bangalore Fashion Week!

Article written by Brie Austin

Photography by Bruce T Dugan

About the author: Brie Austin

Co-author of I'd Do It Again, he is a columnist/reporter for a variety of magazines in the areas of music, lifestyle, nightlife, travel and business.

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