Find the Perfect Costume for Your Body Type

Are you planning on attending a party but you are hesitant because it requires you to wear a costume? Costumes are fun since you get to pretend to be someone else. It’s just a matter of finding the best costume that accentuates your body type. There are basically three body shapes: hourglass, pear-shaped, and the apple-shaped. Let me give you some tips on how to find perfect costume for your body type.

· Hourglass.

It is also referred as “X” body shape. It is considered as the perfect figure by the general population. The bust is approximately in proportion with the hips, with defined waist; thus giving an hourglass silhouette. If you have this kind of body, you no longer need to make additions or conceal anything since you basically have an impeccable body. You just need to wear clothes that will go perfect with your sexy curves. You can wear fitted costumes that will showcase the natural curves that you have. One example is the Catwoman suit; the skin-tight leather outfit will make you look more sexy and daring. You can also try the Nurse uniform; this blouse and skirt costume will emphasize the hourglass figure that you have. Other options will be to wear wrap-around dresses, pencil -cut skirts, and outfits with V-neck design.

o Avoid: loose and baggy costumes; dress with high neck lines; bulky and ill-fitting outfits.

· Apple-Shaped

This is also referred as the inverted triangle or “V” body shape. In this body type, a person has broad shoulders, slim hips/thighs, and the chest/abdomen area larger than the rest of the body. Fat commonly accumulates in the tummy area. You can try an off-shoulder Pirate costume to bring highlight to your broad shoulders; the costume is also perfect in hiding your love handles. The Marilyn Monroe costume is also good since it is halter top; the skirt design also adds volume to your slim hips and thighs.

o Avoid: skinny pants and skirt as they will make your legs slimmer which will not compliment your large upper body; costumes with shoulder pads and big collars.

Marilyn Monroe costume

· Pear-Shaped.

It is also referred as the spoon or “A” body shape. In this type, the hip circumference is greater than bust. The shoulders are also narrow; thighs and hips are larger; buttocks are also fuller. You should wear costumes that will cover your narrow shoulders. 80s’ costume will provide the illusion of broader shoulders so it can be balanced with your large hips and thighs. You can also try a gypsy costume; it covers your shoulders and the accessories take the focus away from your lower body.
o Avoid: tight pants and skirts as they will just emphasize your large hips; tube tops.


Well, even if you get to choose the perfect outfit for your body type; it’s also a matter of confidence and comfort. You may have the hourglass figure but you are not confident enough to wear the Catwoman costume; or wearing it will not allow you to enjoy the party because you’re uncomfortable to move around in a tight suit; the costume will then be useless. The days and weeks of planning will all go to nothing if you don’t get to enjoy. Make your body type the guide in choosing but always remember: pick a costume that you can proudly wear and you are comfortable to wear.

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