Five money-saving beauty tips

With the economy the way it is, it makes sense to save money at every opportunity. Professional beauty products, expensive hand creams and luxurious hair conditioners can sometimes get very expensive. Check out these 5 money saving tips.

Add foundation to your moisturizer

Short of cash? Trying to save? Then make your cosmetics go further. Simply add a drop of foundation to your moisturizer before applying it on your face. This will even out your skin tone without using too much product. Repeat this process daily and you can enjoy a flawless complexion without going over your monthly budget. Many skin rejuvenation treatments are available at reputable skin clinics, but this little tip could really stretch your products further.

Avoid makeup sponges

When applying your favorite concealer – avoid using a makeup sponge. They soak up too much liquid and could leave you with an empty tube before you know it. Instead, spread the product over your face using your fingers and make use of every drop. Apply your makeup in natural light and let your skin breath whenever you can – to prevent blackheads and pimples.

Give your wax strips a trim

If you want to remove the hair on your face, but only have a box of leg wax strips – cut them down in size. This will leave you with plenty of small, easy-to-use strips that can get rid of fuzz from your neck, chin, upper lip, cheeks and your sideburn area (and you won’t spend an extra penny). Products designed especially for the visage are great – but why flash your cash if you don’t have to? Most ‘sensitive skin’ strips should be just fine to use – but make sure you do a test patch first.

Sharpen your eyeliner pencils

If your eyeliner goes blunt, you don’t need to buy a new one. Simply sharpen it and enjoy beautiful, smoky eyes once again. Even tiny stubs work effectively if they have a pointy end, so don’t throw anything away unnecessarily. Can’t find your sharpener? Fear not, as they can be bought for as little as one pound. Browse the web, pop into your local beauty store or borrow one from a friend!

Raid your kitchen cupboards

Worried about overspending? Then raid your kitchen cupboard to see what you can find! Olive oil is a great moisturizer and lemon juice can be used as hair bleach. Avocado can be turned into an anti-aging facemask (as it’s rich in antioxidants) and mashed banana will leave your skin soft and smooth. You can even use oats mixed with honey and yoghurt to create a natural exfoliation product. Companies around the UK offer Botox, micro-dermabrasion and other procedures – but natural ingredients can work wonders too.

If you have any suggestions to save money on beauty products, feel free to share them in the comments box below.

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Bella Franklin is a beauty blogger. She writes for Cosmetic Surgery Guru, a site dedicated to advice and information on nose plastic surgery through to non-surgical treatments such as laser hair removal.


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