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Meet multimedia host/producer Stuart Brazell. Stuart has interviewed a veritable “who’s who” of entertainment industry titans and has been involved in casting multiple seasons of over 10 hit reality shows. Stuart can presently be seen as the on-air correspondent for ABC’s “On the Red Carpet” and NBC’s “LX.TV 1st Look.”

Tell us something about yourself…

I’m a born and bred South Carolina girl who grew up performing on the stage both in musical theater and as a professional ballerina with the Columbia City Ballet.  I always knew I would move to a big entertainment city as soon as possible, so after graduating from Ithaca College in NY with a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism I drove across the country to the entertainment capital of the world …. Los Angeles, CA!  I spent a summer studying at NYU and the following summer interning for E! Entertainment in LA and the weather won me over, so I was Cali bound the day after my graduation ceremony.

As far as who I am as a person, I’m the biggest go getter you’ve ever met.  I never wait around for things to happen, I MAKE them happen and create opportunities for myself.  In this industry you need to be proactive and relentless, you are competing with everyone else in the world for just a handful of top jobs. You need to eat, breathe, drink and sleep your passion!

You’ve got a very distinctive name, what exactly does your name mean?

Stuart is actually my middle name.  Interestingly enough, my full name is Susan Stuart Brazell but I renamed myself at the age of three (according to my parents).  I was the biggest tomboy you’ve ever seen!  I wanted to be with my older brother all the time, play in the mud, jump in the lake – I thought I was super tough and I liked Stuart better.  And obviously it stuck!  I barely even turn my head if someone calls me Susan.

What got you interested in hosting, acting and theatre? What do you enjoy the most?

I knew I wanted to be a performer the first time I went to see my older brother Michael perform in a Charlie Brown Christmas play when I was five.  I snuck up to the front row and in the middle of the show I turned around to mom and yelled “I can do that!”

I still love to dance and perform now in Los Angeles but hosting is my favorite.  I live for live red carpet shows before big major award ceremonies and of course there is nothing like an intimate sit down interview with a top celebrity!

What’s the show or event you enjoyed hosting the most?

I truly love what I do every single day!  But so far my favorite job has been hosting the live red carpet show for the American Music Awards.  Music artists are so much fun to speak to – they have such a magnetic energy about them.  I also got to interview my  favorite childhood group New Kids on the Block – so perhaps that had something to do with it?

What does it take to be a good television anchor?

Good question – I’d say the most important thing is to truly be there in the moment and actively listen and respond.  Yes it’s very easy to just show up and read a teleprompter, but the magic happens when you actually engage and are present.  And do the work, if you know you are interviewing a certain person or covering an event, do the research.  Don’t just show up and wing it – be prepared.

What kind of training do you need to be a good host?

Obviously I studied Broadcast Journalism in college, but for example in Los Angeles my manager, Marki Costello, actually runs a school called “Become A Host” where you are trained to read copy, work with a co-host and use a teleprompter.  Hosting is much harder than it seems, so classes really help.

Who is your favorite celebrity?

My favorite celebrity is Justin Timberlake and coincidentally he is the ONE celebrity I’ve never interviewed!!!  So, Justin if you are reading this, tweet me @stuartbrazell and let’s set it up.

My favorite recent interview is actually Taylor Swift – I’m always blown away with how mature and grounded our youngest and biggest celebrities are.  These kids are truly special – they define the term “A Star is Born”!

How do you get access to the inner circle of Hollywood?

The “inner circle” of Hollywood is constantly changing, so I never  get caught up in it.  But as far as covering the best events, my advice is to get in with the top publicists.

Who is your role model?

My mom, Robyn Brazell, she has an amazing combination of grace, beauty, intelligence and gratitude which elevates everyone around her regardless of the circumstances she’s faced with. And, being a Georgia beauty queen she taught me about hair, skincare and make-up at an early age, so thanks Mom!

What do you do for fun?

I’m a pop culture addict, so fun for me is indulging in Reality TV, catching a movie or going to a concert. I also love to dance and a good power yoga class – maintaining a healthy work and personal balance is everything.

What is the best compliment you have ever received?

I always appreciate when I hear from Directors and Producers that they believe in me and trust I will deliver.

What’s your favorite movie?

Titanic – Leonardo Dicaprio – need I say more?

What kind of music do you listen to?

Everything!  No really, I’m from the South so I love Country Music too!

Tell us some insider gossip that the general public does not know about Hollywood….

Celebs really are just like us!  They are usually nervous at red carpet events and are much smaller in person.

What are your upcoming projects?

I’m hosting a new weekly movie review show for called “Go See This Movie” and executive producing and hosting my own show all about celebrities and their use of Twitter called “Celebrity Tweet Week.”

How would you like to be remembered?

I would like to be remembered as the consummate professional.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Executive producing and hosting my own network talk show.

Anything else you’d like the readers of to know…

Be passionate and dedicated to whatever you do and you will find success.

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