How does your body benefit from cycling?

At times we go to unimaginable levels just trying to maintain our health. Little do we know that some of the simple activities we undertake for fun can tremendously improve our health. One such activity is cycling. You probably cycle just for fun and with no set goal in mind. However cycling if made regular will earn you good health at no cost.

Cycling is beneficial to your heart.
Usually when you cycle you are engaged in uniform numerous movements. This increases cardiovascular activities and improves the overall health of heart. Remember the heart is a very delicate organ. Cycling encourages motion of the heart muscles. As such people who cycle rarely get crisis attacks from known heart ailments like the coronary heart disease.

Helps fight major depression
Major depression is a common symptom of uncontrolled stress. Cycling enables an individual to relax and break the monotony of daily hectic activities. In addition as you cycle you also get to admire good things you meet on your way. It is important to note that stress can become lethal and life threatening hence the need to cycle regularly.

Reduces obesity
Cycling is considered a physical exercise activity that burns calories from the body. During cycling, your metabolism rate goes up. This ensures your body is purifies and waste products are released from the body as required. Obesity is associated with many other ailments, hence adopting cycling as a routine exercise will greatly assist.

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Cycling increases your life span
Study has shown that people who are fond of cycling generally have a longer life span. Cycling does this by ensuring you develop a very strong immunity which in turn helps you fight off common diseases.

Strengthens your muscles
The human body has numerous muscle which aid in day-day activities. These muscles have to be strengthened to help them work well. Muscles that remain idle for long become weak and may develop long term complications. Cycling activates the muscles since they are actively involved in pedaling. In addition the back muscles help stabilize the body weight during cycling. Therefore this continuous muscles movements tightens them up and makes them stronger. It matters also where you drive, for example, road bikes are tailored for basic needs of every biker, but mountain bikes must have other features

Prevents spinal and back ailments
Due to muscular motion during cycling, the spinal and back muscles are always active. In addition the posture you take during cycling is equally good for the spinal cord. The spinal cord in particular gets a natural massage as you move back and forth. With cycling spinal infections reduce by a huge percentage.

Reduces high blood pressure
Cycling lowers your heart beat rate. This is good for blood pressure as it tends to increase with very high heart beats. As such cycling reduces and even prevents high blood pressure.

Cycling is good for the respiratory system
Oxygen is necessary for all biological activities. Lack of proper physical workout interferes with respiration. This is because the respiratory muscles need to be strong so as to allow proper ventilation. With properly ventilated lungs you are able to exchange oxygen appropriately.

Cycling therefore has numerous health benefits that can prolong your life. What are you waiting for, get on that bike 🙂

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