How To Bald Gracefully

At some point in our lives we all go through a stage where we start losing some hair and this can cause sleepless nights for some people. This is because of the fact that many people are scared about becoming old. This is why I felt it would be nice to show men how they can go about dealing with the bald stage.

Find out why it is happening

The first thing you need to look into when someone complains about balding is the reason behind the hair loss. There are some people who lose hair because of hereditary reasons while there are some who start losing the hair due to stress. There are some people who start losing the hair because of some medications.

Some people start losing hair because of calcium deposits on the hair pores. This can be sorted out by shampooing the head using heated vinegar then following it up with ordinary shampoo.

How Do You Counter Nature?

Once you discover that the major cause of your baldness is for hereditary reasons, you have different options that you can use to sort out the issue.

You can start off by using Toppik products which can be found in in many drug stores or online.

Hair transplant is another option you have at your disposal. This is a procedure where the doctor takes the follicles which are at the back area of the head and are resistant to balding then move them to the front party where there is some balding. There are procedures such as grafting while some men choose to wear a Toupee.

Embracing the Baldness

You can always choose to accept the aging and take up your new found status with a good attitude. This allows you to stop struggling with the different procedures designed to counter the problem. Once you have accepted the baldness, you can proceed to take up the different hairstyles that are used by bald men. Try maintaining a short haircut and you will always appear like you have a lot of hair on your head.

Hair Styles For Bald Men
Clean Shaven

This is the simplest style for people who are bald. It spares one the trouble they would go through if they chose to start going about the different procedures to hide the baldness. It is also easier to maintain a bald and clean shaven head.

Buzz Cut
This is a good option for people who think a clean shave is too extreme. It is a good style for people who experience hair thinning in the front part of the head. 

Short Caesar Cut
This is inspired by Caesar who was a Roman Emperor. It is a nice way to hide a receding hairline. The bangs are styled forward after being cut along a horizontal fringe.

Roger Sterling
You can have it shortened in the top but then leave the edges longer to allow you to comb it over the sides in a way that it hides the hair line.

Grow Facial Hair

You can divert all the attention from the balding area of your head by going for a clean shave then growing facial hair such as a conspicuous mustache or beard. You can decide to keep a goatee.

Avoid going for a pony tail or comb-over in a bid to cover up the balding. If you are not sure about what you should do, just seek advice from your barber.

About the author: Maya Johnson

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