How To Choose Lingerie That Suits You?

Choosing your lingerie really depends on your own personal preference. But as there are so many styles out there, a lot of women often don’t know what they prefer. If this is you, here are some tips which will hopefully help you choose lingerie that will make you feel sexy, happy and confident all the time.

If you have small boobs

If you have small boobs, you’re going to want to make them look bigger, right? If the answer to this is yes, maybe try opting for some lingerie with lots of detailing. Having things such as lace or frills will make you appear bigger, while also looking pretty too! Under-wiring and padded cups are also a good idea, making you seem perkier and giving your confidence a boost too.

Halter necks and camisole style tops accentuate what you do have, drawing attention to your boobs and making them appear larger. While you may see having a small bust as a disadvantage, you can get away with some riskier styles as support is less of a problem.

If you hate your stomach

If you have issues with your stomach, it only makes sense to draw attention away from it. Opting for a camisole or chemise will make you feel more confident, keeping your problem areas hidden by skimming over them rather than pointing them out.

For someone with stomach problems, a corset could be another great option, with the boning pulling you in and making you feel supported you will have the confidence to wear whatever outfit you want. Corsets also emphasize your assets so you can show what you’ve got without the need to cover up.

Failing all of that, gowns hide a multitude of sins, making you feel sexy yet modest at the same time.

If you don’t like your bum

If this is you, negligees may be the way forward. They skim your body meaning there’s no clinging in any unwanted places, ensuring that you feel self confident and making your bum feel smaller. A baby doll teddy may also work for you, provided you don’t go for a super skimpy one. They will make you feel far better by enhancing the assets that you do like and hiding those that you don’t. If you don’t like your bum, make sure you avoid drawing attention to it by wearing skimpy knickers that simply won’t flatter you.

The end goal of wearing any lingerie is not only that you look good, but also that you feel good so you want to make sure that you find the right sort for you. Look around before buying and always remember that you can ask shop assistants for any help you might need in finding the perfect lingerie for you.

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for large breasts, do the exact opposite, no frills or detailing, something simple and plain. Black makes large breasts look small.


What is the option for large breasts?