How to Cut Costs and Still Look Fabulous?

cut costs on clothing

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends whilst sticking to a strict budget isn’t the easiest thing in the world. It can actually be extremely hard, especially when you’re walking down the street and having to avoid looking into shop windows for fear of losing your self-control and going on a mad spending spree. Fortunately you don’t need to be raiding the designer stores just to look presentable, and there are many different ways to keep looking your fabulous best without breaking the bank. Take our advice below to find out exactly what to do if you want to cut costs when sorting your wardrobe.


Some people disregard eBay as a junkyard, with items that wouldn’t be good enough to be seen on store shelves. While it’s true that you can find a lot of tat on eBay, there’s still plenty of opportunity to find some real bargains if you put the time in. The downside is that you can’t try anything on before you buy, but we’re confident that the good far outweighs the bad.You can save a small fortune by checking out the new and used clothing sections, so be sure to give it a go next time you’re looking for new outfits that’ll turn heads for all the right reasons.

Charity shops

Don’t laugh! While some of you might think this is impossible, charity shops are a great place to go if you want good looking clothes at very, very reasonable prices. Head down to your local shop to see things for yourself, and you might be surprised by just what they have in store. Not only that, but when you purchase from a charity shop you’re also doing some good for the world, with the money being used for a particular cause. The only downside is that you generally only get one size of a particular item, so if you find the perfect dress but it’s too big then you’re out of luck.


While it may not seem like the most natural thing in the world when you transition from the fruit aisle to the shoe section, you will soon be happy with your decision if you spot the ideal bargain. Supermarkets haven’t always had the best selection when it comes to fashionable clothing, but in recent years they have invested a lot of money in making sure their items stand up to the rest of the high street’s offerings. If you have a store loyalty card then you’ll also be able to pick up some points with your purchase.

Clothes swapping parties

There’s a new craze that people in the know are calling ‘swishing’, where you invite friends over and you all swap unwanted clothes. This can sometimes be a great way of getting new clothes for free, and getting rid of old items that you were never going to wear again anyway. Of course, you and your friends have to be roughly the same size for this to work, but if you are then you can have a great time ‘swishing’ the night away!

As you can see there are more than a few options if you want to look fabulous while sticking to a budget, so try a few of these methods out and see if any of them work. Cutting costs is easily done if you take the time to look around a bit more, and you won’t have to take out a trust deed in order to have a wardrobe to be proud of.

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