How to Cut Costs on Clothing?

Modeling can be a very expensive profession especially in the early stages of a model’s career. Initially, modeling assignments may not pay inexperienced models very well. Even though the money is tight in the beginning stages of a model’s career, models are expected to look good and dress well at all times.

Models get invited to a lot of red carpet events and parties where they can network and build relationships with potential clients, casting directors and others who could give them work. In these events, models are expected to look the part. When models attend a lot of events, it isn’t good to repeat the same clothing they wore at another party. This is something that gets mocked at. Being a model can be really tough, models are expected to be style icons.

So, it is very important for a model to have a great wardrobe. Lets say a model attends 25 events a year, she is expected to wear 25 different dresses and remember these dresses can be worn only once. So, once a model wears the dress for one event, that dress is pretty much of no use to the model after that. Besides dresses for events, models need to find dresses to wear for auditions, if a model is attending 4 auditions a week, that is 208 auditions a year. So, in total you are looking at a whopping 233 pairs of clothing a year. If each pair of clothing costs $100 on an average, you are looking at a clothing bill of $23,300 a year. This can be a very expensive proposition for a new model. The question now is, how do you cut costs on clothing?

One option to cut costs on clothing is renting. Not many people are aware that you can rent clothes, bags, accessories, jewelery and shoes. A great place to rent clothes, bags and accessories is rent by erento. erento is an online platform where people can list anything they want to rent out. You can find a lot of people who are willing to rent out their clothes, bags, accessories, jewelery and shoes. If you have additional clothing, shoes or anything that you no longer use or use occasionally, you can list it on erento and make some extra money out of it. Cutting costs requires a little bit of innovation and creativity. Surviving in the modeling world is a challenge but with a little bit of creativity, top models can overcome this challenge.

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