How To Find A Good DJ For Your Party

When you are organizing a party for your friends, colleagues, co-workers, or your clients; the 1st thing is to understand the reason for throwing a party. There could be various reasons for having a party.

Some of the common reasons are:

# 1: You want to get closer to your clients

Several business owners and managers organize parties specifically for their clients. The whole purpose of such parties is to allow your clients to open up, and become friends with you. Besides doing great work for them, the emotional connect will help you retain your client for a long period of time, and if you’re lucky you may even get some referrals.

#2 Entertain your team

Your team works hard day in and day out, having a team day out helps your team bond with each other, and also gives them a feeling that the company cares about them. Besides that, most problems are solved in an informal environment. This is a time for a lot of employees to open and see the informal party of their colleagues. As they say, “a happy team is a productive team.”

#3 Other Objectives

Just letting your hair down, rejuvenate, and have a good time with family and friends. Sometimes, you just want to meet family and friends over no reason and have a good time, or celebrate your successes and failures, etc.

What Makes A Great Party?

Sometimes, when you organize a party, you just call over a group of friends, organize some games, play some music, bring some booze with you, and go with the flow. While this may work at times, especially when you have a close knit group of friends, it won’t work all the time. If you want to be remembered for throwing some memorable parties, it’s important to have a plan, and implement it like a pro.

So lets see what makes a great party:

#1 The People

Very rarely can a party be interesting with boring people. Attracting and inviting fun people who are known to go over the edge is important. When planning your guest list, look around to see if you have some fun people in your circle. Invite them, figure out a way to make the party attractive for them.

#2 The Ambiance

This includes everything from the venue, decor, lighting, and the music. If you don’t have a fancy apartment, try to do it someone else’s house, or at a professional bar that is known for its aesthetics. Don’t ignore the venue, it’s crucial to how your guests feel.

#3 Watch the Music

This can be a deal breaker, great music can either make people want to get up and dance, or doze off on their couch; or even worse, people may just leave. Hiring a great DJ can make or break your party.

An Important Decision – Hiring Your DJ

A DJ creates the mood, and maintains the tempo of any party. A good DJ doesn’t just play good music, he also connects with people. He can feel the pulse of his audience, and understands their unique music tastes. That’s why it’s so important to hire a good one, or you might be stuck with someone who might turn an otherwise fun crowd into a bunch of grumpies.

How do you choose a good DJ?

Referrals and Sound Cloud: If you’ve never listened to him playing at a club before, then referrals might be a good start. However, several DJs also have their mixes on sound cloud, call your bunch of groupies and play some of the music he has listed on sound cloud, see if they groove to those tunes.

Ask for a demo: Another option is to ask him to do a sample demo sometime, see if you and your friends like it.

Can you get along with him? Some artists can be very arrogant and egoistic. If he has a big ego, you might just want to let him go. The last thing you need is a celebrity DJ who is rude to your guests. Find someone who is mentally stable, charming, and has a pleasant personality. A people’s person with some great taste in music might be the answer.

Where do you find one?

  • Your local Yellow pages
  • Online Directories (like StarOfService, yahoo directories, etc)
  • Referrals from family and friends
  • DJ Directories

Finding a good DJ can take up a lot of time, but eventually it’ll be worth the time and effort. If you’re going to throw a party, you might as well organize a good one.

About the author: Vinil Ramdev

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