How to Meet Cute Guys in College

Ladies, meeting cute guys in college is easy, and you don’t need an accredited college class on how to do it. Think of your task as fishing. All you need is the right bait and then throw your line. After all, cute guys are everywhere on campus, and there’s plenty of fish in the college sea. The first thing you need is alluring bait. So greasy hair and shoddy clothing are a no-no. Neat, clean and femininely attired are the attributes you need to hook your fish. Then, it’s time to throw your line.

Joining a sorority is a great way to meet scores of new people, including cute guys. Sororities feature many parties, social events and many times coordinate activities with fraternities. This will give you plenty of opportunities to meet and socialize with the cute frat boys. Don’t be shy and wait for an introduction once you’ve spotted a cute guy you may be interested in. If the guy you’re interested in is in a small group, you can easily work your way over to the group and join in the conversation. Try and divert some of your conversation to the person you’re interested in. You can always ask him what his home town is and what his major is. By engaging in direct conversation, you’ll be able to determine if this is a fish worth hooking. Don’t forget about utilizing all the sisters you’ve met in the sorority either. Let them know you’re available and see if they have any guy friends you may be interested in. That’s known as networking, and it is a very valuable tool.

If joining a sorority is not your gig, there are still other ways to meet cute college guys. Remember, you need to be assertive. If there’s a cute guy in class you want to meet, sit next to him and talk about class assignments. Since you’ve got the same class, having a conversation about class topics will seem natural and not too aggressive. Later, you can always friend request him on Facebook and continue with getting to know him. Make sure your pictures on Facebook are attractive and not over the top. You don’t want to scare this fish away.

There are a lot of college bars and clubs where college guys hang out, and you can easily meet them on a fun night out with your college girlfriends. Round up a group of your BFFs and head for the local hangouts. Even if you’re shy, you can have your BFFs do the work for you. Ask one of your BFFs to strike up a conversation with the guy you’re interested in and then ease over to them and join in the conversation. Try to avoid any beer-bonging or consuming too much alcohol, as you may wind up reeling in the wrong fish.

To meet cute guys in college, you need to carpe diem. There are cute guys in dining halls, libraries, classes, clubs, fraternities and much more. Use the right bait and throw your line; sooner or later, you’ll get the right catch.

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