Kutcher replacing Sheen, The Right Move?

Ashton Kutcher will be replacing Charlie Sheen in the popular show “Two and a Half men.” Do you think the show will be as popular without Charlie Sheen?

The opinion seems to be a resounding NO. Many of our experts believe Ashton Kutcher is a bad choice.

Can Ashton Kutcher save the show. Image Credit: Public Domain

Richard Laermer, author of 2011 trendspotting says “Ashton is a goofball. It will be Kelso and half a man.”

Susan Hawkins, a senior copywriter says “Charlie Sheen cannot be replaced. He’s why people watch the show. Only time will tell if Ashton Kutcher will give the show the spark it needs to hang on for another season or two. Personally, I think Jon Hamm (Don Draper on “Mad Men”) would be much better than Ashton Kutcher, but he’s already on a successful show. Hamm was outstanding in the comedy Bridesmaids.”

Jim Dailakis, actor and comedian thinks differently, he says “I think that Ashton is a good choice because he’s intelligent but can act like a not too bright womanizer as opposed to actually being one. He’s also not in denial of being a drug addict so that would definitely help. He’s likeable and the role is similar to the role he had in That 70s Show.”

Brenda Della Casa, Author of Cinderella Was a Liar says “Because of all of the fighting in the press, there is no getting around Two and a Half Men being a new show, regardless of who takes over.  Ashton is less a “replacement” for Charlie and more of a spin-off star.  That said, he’s hilarious, has a huge following (men and women) and a lot of fun to watch so why wouldn’t he be a great pick?  I am really looking forward to watching him.”

Comedian John Powers thinks “Absolutely not. There was something special about a middle-aged man behaving like a hormonal 20-something. Put a younger actor in the role and it changes everything. The only way the show can go on is to put someone of equal age and esteem in his place. Maybe Emilio Estavez.”

Tabish Bhimani, an aspiring PR executive says “Sheen has a persona that resonates with all audiences. The kids want to be like him and adults envy him. His humor is mature. Kutcher, on the other hand has a boyish look and in the audience’s eyes Kutcher would create a disconnect with Sheen’s character which has developed intricately over the years. Can the animated Kutcher fill in big boy Sheen’s shoes? Not without losing the panache. The bottom line is that Kutcher can’t replace Sheen. Had Sheen continued and Kutcher been introduced as a new character, it would add for a great season.”

Tabish also thinks “If Robert Downy Jr was to suddenly slip into television, the role would suit him perfectly. He already has the experience, and an ‘I don’t care about you’ attitude without going overboard. Plus his all-too-many run-ins with the authorities seem to position him well in replacing Sheen.”

We at MissPerfectWoman.com think Ashton Kutcher is a poor choice. I mean a mature character replaced with a young Kutcher, no way. Ashton Kutcher might do well in some teenage comedy, but on two and a half men, no way! Our editor Vinil Ramdev, thinks “Arnold Schwarzenegger should be on the show.” With the way things are going with Arnold, this could’ve been the time to reinvent himself on television. I know Arnold may not find this a lucrative option but hey as an audience this would have made the show interesting. Arnold’s image has got a beating in the last few weeks, but with his new image, he would have been a perfect fit on “two and a half men.”

What do you guys think? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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It is funny from Jim Dailakis comment it just seem the guy (who is an actor, comedian) is somewhat jealous of Charlie Sheen and blame him because he would have wanted to be in his shoes (to have his job, his fame, his money) and in a way is really bitter towards Sheen because he thinks the Masheen screwed up all these awesome things and of course HIM Jim Dailakis would have never done that..lol..He also contradict himself by saying Kutcher as an actor will be play a character (unlike Sheen i suppose..one critic against Sheen here we go..) but just after that he says Ashton will not be in denial of being a drug addict (a not so subtle negative reference to Sheen again) because he is not a drug addict (hey Jim actually we don't know that, maybe he is..i like Ashton but it is Hollyweird come on wake up..Sheen is not the only addict in lala land, scoop for you maybe..lol) so what, if he is an actor we don't care if he is a drug addict or not, he plays a character..in the same way you said Ashton can play a dumb womanizer who he is not in real life he can play a drug addict who he is not in real life..Contradiction at its finest : in the same sentence the guy said we should acknowledge difference between acting and real life (Kutcher is intelligent but can play a dumbass) and he makes an amalgam between Sheen the actor and his real life self by blaming his real addictions troubles in order to criticize his statut and above all his character on the tv show. Well it really comes out from his post that Jim is really bitter and personally blame Charlie Sheen..quite pathetic imo..get over Jim..you seem desperate man.