Correcting Your Breathing Pattern

Majority of the people I have seen have poor breathing patterns. If you want to know whether you are breathing right, just keep your hands on your chest and take a deep breath. Does your chest expand and your shoulders move up? If it does, then you are one of them with poor breathing patterns.

That’s the bad news, but the good news is you can change this pattern in less than 5 minutes. Just follow this simple process listed below:

  • Sit comfortably preferably with a straight back or lie flat on your back with feet slightly apart and palms upturned.
  • Watch your breath, just observe how you breathe.
  • Now place your hands on your upper abdomen and consciously breathe into the abdomen inflating it like a balloon. As you breathe out let the abdomen relax. Repeat this exercise about 5-6 times. Relax and breathe normally.
  • You’ll now observe that you are automatically breathing into your abdomen without bloating it as much as you did in the previous step. Your chest and shoulders also expand a bit automatically. This is your perfect breath, normal breath, naturally deep enough to put your mind and body in harmony.

One can observe this breathing pattern in babies at all times and in almost everyone while they are sleeping.

As a model, one tends to be constantly conscious of their appearance especially the posture of the body – tummy tucked in at all times, to be specific. As a result, the breathing is always shallow. Shallow breathing makes one more vulnerable to stress. Models face a constant pressure to compete that usually creates plenty of stress. Erratic working hours, initial lack of consistency at work, late nights, etc make it worse.

Stress brings in tow headaches, insomnia, dark-circles, dull skin, body-stiffness, anxiety, depression, indigestion, tremors, panic, mood swings, fatigue and the list is endless. It is possible to counterbalance the stress reactions quite effectively by breathing correctly.

To start with, this exercise can be incorporated in one’s daily routine for about 5 minutes few times a day. For best results one should practice this before sleeping as well. Eventually one can correct their breathing pattern by sheer observation for a few moments.

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Pragati Oswal is an alternative medicine therapist and a researcher. She provides evidence based holistic treatment with a combination of Yoga, acupressure, sujok and energy healing. Contact her at

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