Look Younger Without Major Surgery

Shed years without undergoing major surgery.

Before and After

An increasing number of surgical options are now available to help you look younger and feel better about yourself. People are touting the benefits of a new trend in cosmetic surgery that allows you to shed years without undergoing major surgery or taking weeks off work for recovery. Still in the experimental stages, it is an exciting procedure that can revolutionize plastic surgery and make it affordable for more people.

Stitches Without Cuts

With traditional surgery, sections of the face are cut and then sutured together. In this procedure, the same thin blue threads are used to grab tissue and lift it by threading it beneath the skin. It lifts sections of the skin for a more youthful appearance, but there is no cutting and no wounds to heal.

In and Out

An out-patient procedure, it only takes about an hour to have the threads inserted. Rather than spending weeks at home recovering, patients can be back at work that afternoon. Not only does this make the procedure more appealing to people who are concerned about pain, but it also makes it more attractive for those people with busy schedules who cannot realistically take weeks to recover.

More Affordable than Lotions and Potions

You can spend hundreds of dollars a year on special creams that promise to tighten the skin and fail to deliver, or you could invest in this easy surgery. Threading costs less than $500 dollars, so it is far more affordable than traditional surgery. With some procedures running as little as $300 dollars, threading costs just a little more than the special creams you might invest in to combat wrinkles.

Every Procedure Has Concerns and Risks

Any medical procedure comes with some risks and concerns. The biggest concern with threading is that a suture may break and you will be left with a face that seems lopsided. Surgeons aren’t currently sure how long sutures will hold, but the correction for a broken suture is to quickly replace it. The procedure requires anesthesia, so patients will also have that concern. Other concerns include the risk of bruising, the chance of infection, and the possibility of lines forming under the skin.

The Results

This procedure isn’t for everyone. Designed for people who want to look a little fresher, it’s not going to correct major problems. However, people who want to smooth out minor wrinkles and look a little younger are thrilled with the results achieved with threading.

Limited Availability

Threading is not yet widely available. FDA approval is pending, and most surgeons still aren’t sure about the long-term results of the procedure. If you are interested in having this type of work done, you may have to wait a little longer before making your appointment. However, as the procedure becomes more recognized and popular, the availability will start to grow.

Plastic surgery is expensive and requires a long recovery time. If you are short on funds or the time, then threading is an attractive alternative. Ideal for smoothing fine lines and creating a subtle change, the procedure is completed in the doctor’s office and costs less than $500 dollars. If you are looking for a minor improvement, it could be the best choice for you.

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