Losing Weight-Do You Start From Your Family?

People tend to blame it all on genetics when it comes to obesity. However, being overweight can run in families in more ways than just metabolism and genes. Obesity in the whole world is on the rise, with some staggering statistics that make tackling the problem paramount. The journey to healthy living, while long and challenging, should be made in good company. When considering a support network, family and friends are undeniably the two most important factors. Family weight-loss camps are taking this to heart and home.

Home and Fitness Camps

Family weight-loss camps may be resort-like or home based, either way, fitness camps are not about location but about education. A structured fitness vacation can guide and instruct families in healthy living and may easily replace the traditional summer vacation. Another approach may include community classes or sports-based camps. These classes are designed to teach weight management and engage families in aerobic activity. Research the options available and decide together on what is right for the family – fitness is a team sport. Remember, before beginning any type of weight-loss program, first check with your doctor.

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The key to success is to be positive. The focus is not on the numbers or diets; it is on developing and implementing good habits. Don’t define the routine as exercise but as activity and play. Keep it interesting by changing it up. Instead of choosing a movie, choose an adventure. Reward efforts with inedible gifts or allowances. A child’s just deserts should not be desserts. Food should be considered a necessity not a prize. The strategy is not to single out an individual, but to target the development of healthy habits.

Fitness Education

Teaching families how to lose weight should be your primary goal. Working out with personal trainer at professional weight loss retreat is a great way to receive one-on-one instruction catered to the family lifestyle. If a personal trainer is not on the radar, many community classes are offered that teach a multidisciplinary approach to fitness. Limit the time spent on the endless supply of gadgets and time bandits. Cater the activities to the likes of the family; it should not seem like work but like living. Learn how to think, eat and exercise in a results-driven way.

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Learning about Healthy Nutrition

Even diligent activity cannot combat the effects of poor nutrition. It has been proven that sitting down to eat as a family can encourage healthy eating habits. Weight loss camps can convince even the pickiest of eaters, that good food can taste good. Passing up on the fast food, and sitting down to a home cooked meal can unite a family, while providing the added benefit of nutritious eating. Weight loss camps develop an action plan to balance healthy eating with proper exercise. Eating as a family does not ensure everyone will like what is on the menu. Nutrition classes can educate families in the best foods to bring harmony to the table.

Benefits of Losing Weight as a Family

Besides the obvious benefit of a healthier family, weight-loss camps may create many unexpected joys. Working together opens up the lines of communication, which helps greatly in the stress management department. Striving for a common goal encourages closeness and support and allows everyone to share in the success. The crowning achievement, however, is knowing that being fit and eating healthy have become the permanent mindset by which to live.

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