“Making It As A Model” read what Model Coach Julie has to say.

The most common question I get from people is “how do I become a model.” What advice do you have for people starting off?

The best advice I have for anyone entering the modeling field is BE CAREFUL!  You need to make sure that you have a reputable agent to help you out.   You can represent yourself but there is a huge risk in that.

Where do you find work as a model?

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There is work everywhere in the modeling industry.  I think the perception of “modeling” is it is only fashion shows.  That is only 5% of the modeling industry.  The other 95% is print, commercial, catalog’s, brochures, trade shows, restaurant.   Get a good “Modeling” agent – not an Acting agent.

What are the typical qualities you need to have be a great model?

There is only one quality that you need to be a model – and if you have that you have everything “Confidence”.  You must be able to walk into a room and people have to be connected to you immediately.  Models are “Sales People” selling a product or a fashion item.  You must be able to talk about that item with confidence.  Even if you are selling a kitchen scrubber – you must “LOVE” that brand of kitchen scrubber.  You will not see a “Tyra Banks” type in this type of modeling shoot – you will see an average everyday “mom” type model for this shoot.  CONFIDENCE LADIES!!

What are the courses you recommend for people starting off in modeling?

Learn the “Ins and Outs” of the Industry.  Learn your options – you will never be a high fashion model if you are 5’4″ tall – that is a fact.  I’m 5’5″ I was a model for over 20 years.  Why, because I didn’t focus on being a high fashion model – the majority of the work I did was “spokes modeling” – trade shows, restaurant modeling, etc.

I had confidence, which carried over into my life as a real estate broker/contractor.  I always knew my job was being a sales person when I was modeling.  It didn’t matter if I was selling clothes or real estate – the techniques are the same.

Take a basic modeling  course where you learn what hair styles look best with your facial structure, what clothes look best for your body type (we’re all different), learn how to speak proficiently – did you know that the words you say are only 7% of the message – it’s your body language, voice projection, tone of voice, facial expressions, etc.. that say what you are really saying.  The course I teach is 40 hours and we only focus about 6 hours on the ramp – the other 34 hours are focused on everything else.

What is the best grooming techniques you would recommend for models?

I think the best grooming technique’s would be – look clean.   From head to toe – and I mean toe – don’t have chipped toe nail polish or scrappy hair – people are watching you all the time.  As my mom use to say – “Your looks will get you in the door but they are not going to keep you there” – this is true – your looks WILL get you in the door – now that is a fact!  Oh and just for the record – my confidence and perseverance kept me there every time

About the author

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Julie Lifke Eaton has been a modeling instructor at Barbizon School of Modeling and Int’l Performing Arts Academy for several years in the Los Angeles and Ventura County area.

In addition to owning her own real estate company she has been teaching acting and modeling for over 20 years.  She takes everything she teaches and applies it to her everyday life.

In 1997 Julie was crowned Mrs. California Int’l.  She now judges beauty pageants along with training the contestants in all areas of the competition.

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