Renting High Fashion

Renting high fashion clothing as oppossed to buying it?  We asked Shoba Kalro her thoughts regarding The Dress Bank

You have always been impeccably dressed, when you endorse something, people will really listen, why “The Dress Bank” over any other fashion label?

shobaWhy not? This is secret that all the celebs have been swearing by for decades, and we’ve only discovered it now! Fabulous looking designer wear clothes at a fraction of a cost, has to be the greatest idea ever. I Love the concept and knowing Deepa (founder) personally, I can assure you that you will never walk out of her store disappointed. One look at you and she will tell you exactly what will look stunning on you. More-over I’m so over-joyed that women like her from our community are no more afraid to venture in to something that hasn’t been there before and be successful entrepreneurs.

But isn’t there an apprehension of renting a piece of clothing over buying?

Yes, but people have been apprehensive about many things, the first time they were told to sit in a plan/ jumping in a swimming pool or even trying a new cuisine. Had we not tried these great ideas, we would be missing out on so much today.

Does this really help us lead a better life?

There is no escaping the constant pressure of looking well dressed. Whether we like it or not, whether we accept it or not, you are constantly judging and being judged by your appearance. I can’t wear the same saree I wore the last time with the same bunch of people, well actually not even with a different set of people, because everyone has already seen me in it on Facebook.

This is every girl, every woman’s answer to “I have nothing to wear”. And who has ever been a fan of maintaining these notorious pieces?


How does one relate Premium Fashion Renting to being Environment friendly?

Well it may not be traditionally in its approach with a green logo and planting trees or have a page long description on saving the environment but they are definitely doing their bit. Creating a garment is a very expensive and highly polluting task. And with the whole Americanized fast- fashion, becoming a trend in India, it’s important to understand that consumption is wasteful. Instead of 10 people buying the same outfit and wearing it only once, the same outfit can do the job for 10 different people. So it is safe to assume that it would result in one-tenth of the resources, pollution, and waste.

Sometimes, the outfit even comes right to your door, which should represent a better deal, environmentally, than multiple shopping trips.

How does one convince a traditional family/spouse for an idea as progressive as this?

We can now own fashion not clothes. I’m sure all husbands and fathers would do anything that can stop downpour of clothing flowing through our closets. If you’ll allow me to speculate a bit, this kind of arrangement might be our answer to urban living— reduced dunes of clothes means less need for storage in our homes and more space for us. They will do the ‘happy dance’ after noticing fuller wallets.

Find out more about The Dress Bank on their website,

About the author: Brie Austin

Co-author of I'd Do It Again, he is a columnist/reporter for a variety of magazines in the areas of music, lifestyle, nightlife, travel and business.

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