The Best Ways To Use Photos For Your Wedding Celebration

Your wedding can be the most important event in your life. If you like photography, you might want to use photos for enhancing your wedding event. In this article, you will learn 16 unique ways on how you can use photos for your wedding.

During pre-wedding Parties

1. Shower Yourself with Pictures

One thing that you can do during the pre-wedding party is the photo theme shower. Ask all your friends to bring a photo-related gift, for example: camera, mini cam, picture frame, photo album, college photos, and many more. You can also use a slide show of your past experience during the pre-wedding party. Have your friends  take pictures of the event to keep the memories.

2. Spice up your bachelorette party

Bring your bachelorette party in the photo studio. Try to keep the memories of your wedding by taking some pictures of your last night out with the girls. You can also take pictures on the bars or wherever you want to spend your last night with your girls.

3. Dinner and a Movie

Make something special for the rehearsal dinner. You can make a slide show from your old photo albums. Ask your friends to give you their childhood photos and bring all the memories up together . Rent a slide projector in order to do the slide show. Don’t forget to include your favorite songs that were playing while you and your loved one were dating. Play the songs while you show the slide show.

On The Wedding Day

4. Beautiful Invitations

Rather than getting the standard invitations, why don’t you incorporate your art? Put some pictures from when both of you were children. Try to be creative in designing the wedding invitations. Make sure that you put the most memorable picture ofyou and your loved one on the invitations.

5. Show your videos

Most parents usually take baby videos while their baby is growing up. You might use your baby videos and show them to your relatives. Try to put all of your baby videos and show them during the cocktail hour or reception time. It is really a great show.

6. Wear Your Heart on Your Chest

There are many shops that can help you in creating the computerized photo T-shirt. You can use the same idea for the souvenirs for your guests. Try to put your photos on the mugs, plates, or shirts for your guests. They will definitely remember you and your wedding.

7.  Baby Me

On the wedding day, you can have your childhood photos of each of you on a mounted wall. Ask your guests to give their signature on the poster before leaving the reception. You can take the posters back home and keep them in order to keep all memories with you and your friends during your wedding day.

8. Theme Shots

You can provide a theme shots area for your guests. Hire a professional photographer and make a certain theme. Have in mind that it may be cheaper to hire one living near you, as I have hired this Melbourne wedding photographer and I got the results I wanted and I saved some money. Your guests could costumes and they can have their picture taken by a professional photographer. The photographer can give your guests some of the pictures to take home. It can be an unforgettable moment for them.

9. Sweet Stand

In most cases, many couples use the ready-made bride and groom stand for decorating their wedding cake. You can do something different. Try to make your stand by yourself. You can use your photos on the cake stand. If you don’t know how to create a new one, you can also hire a professional to do it.

10. Use picture frames

You can use small frames as  card holders. These frames are usually great in decoration. Your guests will be able to use the frame to find their tables. At the end, your guests can take the frames home. It will be an unforgettable thing.

11. Parental Pride

On your wedding day, you can also display your parents or grandparents’ wedding photos on the cake table. This step is important in order to add some historical meaning to your wedding party. By doing this step, you also show your respect for them.

12. Scatter shots

You should help your families get to know each other through the visual history on the wedding decorations. Try to put photos from both of your families. Your families will  appreciate, especially if they don’t know each other well.

13. Share the Shooting

Let your guests take pictures from their table. You can put some disposable cameras on each table and allow your guests to take pictures of  interesting things. At the end, you may find some interesting ones.

During the Gift Giving Process

14. Favor Them with Frames

Consider using picture frames as favors. Try to purchase old frames in antique stores. You can also buy elegant silver frames. Make sure that you choose the best frames that suit you and your characteristics. Some couples also include their photos inside the frames so all guests are able to remember you and your wedding day.

15. Locket Up Your bridesmaids

Say thanks to your bridesmaids by giving them sliver lockets with a photo of you and your loved one inside. Make sure that you choose the real silver in order to appreciate their help during your wedding day.

When Married …

16. Start an Anniversary Album

After being married, you might want to continue to take photos of every anniversary. You can start creating an anniversary album. Start the album with the pictures from your wedding day and continue to add more photos every year. You can put all the memories of your family, such as : new house,  kids, new car etc.

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