The big comeback: Bodysuit

The bodysuit, which was a garment made popular in the mid eighties and nineties by the likes of Madonna, is making a big comeback this Spring. That is, if fashion bloggers, editorial spreads and the latest catwalk trends at fashion week are to be believed.


There is much dispute over where the bodysuit actually originated, but many fashion heads are of the opinion that designer Donna Karan was largely responsible for making them a part of the modern woman’s basic wardrobe, when she launched her simple dressing system entitled “seven easy pieces,” in 1986. The system included bodysuits made of stretchy jersey material, leggings and jackets with big shoulder pads.

What is a Bodysuit

If you are too young to remember the nineties, the bodysuit looks much like a dancers leotard, the difference being that there are poppers in the crotch area to fasten it in place, eliminating the need to remove the entire thing when nature calls. The point of them in the nineties was to allow ladies to wear their tops tucked into their skirts or trousers, without that annoying wrinkling that normally happens when you do so. A practical thing quickly became an essential wardrobe staple in the early nineties.

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Celebrities and Bodysuits

We have seen them sort of re-emerge in music videos with the likes of Lady Gaga, Beyonce (Single Ladies video), Cher and of course, Madonna, sporting them during the 2000’s in their sexy music videos, but they never seemed to make the big leap to the high street. Well not in any noticeable way. That is until now.

2013 Fashion Trend

Fast forward to 2013 and every fashion magazine appears to have spreads of women wearing all kinds of bodysuits. The variety of styles on offer is mind-boggling. American Apparrel’s Dov Charney is believed to have been responsible for the come back with his leggy advertising campaigns featuring models with endlessly long legs wearing bodysuits without pants. High end designers like Alexander Wang, Francesco Scognamiglio and Stella McCartney have featured them on the Spring catwalks this year, which no doubt has influenced the high street.


High street shops are now selling variations on the classic long or short-sleeved simple body, included hooded bodysuits to add some edge, nude bodysuits, bodysuits which look like frilly blouses and under-wired bodysuits. Modern “bodies” come in a range of plain colours and prints, as well as many designs.


The appeal with bodysuits lies in their simplicity and versatility. Brave youngsters can wear them alone for a daring club night out as a clubwear, but for the most part, most women can team them with pretty much anything successfully. A sleek bodysuit goes just as well with a tailored pencil skirt and blazer, as with skinny jeans and a biker leather jacket. Anything goes with bodysuits, if you are after a cool club dress just combine your bodysuit with a flowing skirt. The only limit is your imagination.

The big comeback

It appears that the bodysuit, having had a high fashion makeover, really is making a big come back this season. The question whether or not it will once again become a basic fashion must have for women all over remains to be seen.

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