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Recently, a friend of mine wrote an article “The one question you need to stop asking single women,” Sonia is quite passionate about almost everything she does or writes, and her blog posts are usually about women’s issues. She’s quite open and in your face about her prespective.

If you haven’t read her post, it’s about dating the wrong guys, the lone wolves in sheep’s clothing. I’m sure many of us have dated the wrong person sometime or the other. And we all have our horror stories. If you don’t then you either married the 1st girl you met, or you’ve been living under a rock.

I thought I’ll write a male version of this article and give a male perspective.

A brief summary of Sonia’s blog piece for all those who haven’t read it.

It starts off like this.

“Seriously…Where do you find these guys?

Ok, ladies…now I’m sure some of us have heard this question.  Usually it’s after we’ve shared a  Wes-Craven-like dating horror story with a group of friends (usually not single friends).  I’m 30 years old, and this question never really seems to go away, and I’m sick of it. I mean…does  a more frustrating/pointless question even exist?”

Then, there are some rants and a few of her dating horrors.

Do single men also get asked this question?

The biggest difference between men and women is that men don’t like to talk about their problems, they like to go into a cave and solve it themselves, while women solve their problems primarily by talking about them.

If men were to ask, “Geez, where do you find these women?” The question might be worth pondering.

In all my years in marketing, whenever we attracted the wrong audience for our product, we’d ask where did they come from? Are we advertising in the wrong place? If you apply this to dating, it’s like identifying the source. Yes, where do you meet these girls (or guys)? It could be that neighborhood cafe, the local bar that has a knack of attracting the creepos, referrals from your friend Sally, or that online dating site. If you identify better sources or places to meet people, you might just find that “not so wierd” girl or guy.

Sometimes, life is just about making those little tweaks here and there.

My next blog post idea is about all those secret, underground closed groups, that are great places to meet new people which are usually not known to the general public. Most cities have several such groups, the only way to know those groups is through an insider, or just stumbling upon them on the net, very few advertise. If any of you know such groups, feel free to post them in the comments below. I might just mention them in my next blog post.

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