Tips To Keep Your Football Fanatic Husband Engaged On Sundays

As the leaves start to change color and autumn ushers in football fills the mind and soul of every fan across the globe. Yes, football fever is rampant and hits every American man like a hurricane and consumes their time and passion. In many homes the Sundays have been taken over by the football fever till now and now men are wondering how to get through the Sundays. As the football has come to an end women are looking out for ways to make Sundays more fun filled for their husbands. Here are some of the ways to keep husbands engaged on Sundays before the football fever strikes again.

1. Get creative in bedroom: It is time to get creative in your bedroom by opening yourself to new experiences. Buy sex toys or rent out an adult film to undo something that is spontaneous and he fantasizes the most. If you have older kids lock the bedroom and tell them that it is mom and dad’s intimate day together and if you have smaller kids ask your friends or relatives to engage them on that day. Make all what he fantasizes a reality on that day to make him forget his obsession for the NFL cheer leaders.

2. Shopping in a home improvement store: To revive him from the grip of football fever, take him to a home improvement store and plan ideas for refurbishing your home. It is not necessary that you have to purchase anything. Just both of you share ideas and decide what to implement next in your home at the time of renovation work.

3. A movie time for you two alone: Usually men are not enticed in watching the romantic or sentimental films that appeal women. Try to watch one of his favorite thriller or adventure films in return for a chick flick. If he is a one movie at a time person watch his favorite movie this week and yours the next week.

4. Plan a family outing: Plan a family picnic or spend time outdoors or even a trip to the zoo, museum or cycling with your kids. This is the perfect time to get him out with the family. This will save you from taking your kids to these places all alone once the football fever takes hold of him again. Family Fishing at Sunrise

5. Watch a match replay: If your man is so upset that the football season has ended watch the game on the internet, NFL, or in your DVR. Both of you can wear your favorite team jerseys, stock up all your snacks and get set to watch the replays. This can indeed make a Sunday afternoon very relaxing.

6. Cook together: Get your man into the kitchen and get set to cook your favorite dishes on a Sunday afternoon. You can also implement new dishes and invite your friends or relatives to taste your innovative creations.

7. Plan your next trip: Both of you can sit and plan your next romantic vacation trip, for just the two of you in a rather relaxed mood. Just talk about the dream destinations you would like to visit. It can be fantasy or a reality goal too.

8. Play games: Choose to play the board games where you can involve your kids also or just card games or just bedroom games if he is into that mood.

9. Watch a baseball game together: Even if you are not a big fan of baseball just spend a Sunday afternoon with him to watch his favorite team play. Yes, an afternoon at the baseball park can be added fun.

10. Go fishing together: If your husband is an avid angler go to the fishing hole with him equipped with proper fishing gear. Even if fishing is boring for you just being with you man on a Sunday afternoon can be very romantic and enchanting too.

Incorporate any of the above ideas on a Sunday afternoon to keep your man engaged till the football season strikes again.

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About the author: Maya Johnson

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