Top Women DJs in The World

Deejaying was once considered a profession mostly for men. The EDM industry is dominated by men like Hardwell, Afrojack, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, and Swedish House Mafia. However, women are breaking barriers and getting into this male territory. There are female DJs who are performing all over the world, and the boys club is now being diluted with trendy women who are bringing in an element of style and glamour into the profession.

Deejaying as a profession is also getting a lot of attention globally. Top DJs are not just performing in their home countries but they are performing at some of the finest night spots around the globe. Many of them are notching up six or even seven figures per performance playing to sold out stadiums and night club venues. The festival industry has also opened up a whole new market for DJs to make this into a lucrative profession.

Let’s check out some of the top women DJs around the world. The list has been compiled with a lot of help from the team at StarOfService, a marketplace for services where DJs is one of their top categories.

1st Up is Chelina Manuhutu

Celina Manuhutu

She grew up in the Netherlands where she was influenced by a lot of Latin music around her.  At 15 she started modeling and became part of a girl band for 4 years. Her music is groovy techno house with a lot of African and Latin drums.

DJ Miss Nine


DJ Miss Nine

Born in Germany, this young girl started as a model at the age of 16 with Elite Model Management. Her passion for music led her into becoming a DJ, and today she plays in some of the top clubs around the world.

Nikki Nice

nikki nice
Nikki Nice, Picture from her Facebook Page

She uses her entire repertoire, taste of music and her ability to play musical instruments like piano and violin to create a striking ambiance for her fans. Her good looks sure does help in attracting fans.

Maya Jane Coles

Picture from Maya's Facebook page
Picture from Maya’s Facebook page

She catches attention wherever she plays. She’s performed at the Electric Zoo Festival in New York and at several concerts from around the world.

Audrey Napoleon

audrey napoleon
Audrey’s Facebook cover, quite a statement eh 🙂

She is an international DJ along with being a song writer, singer, and producer. Her primary focus in on electronic music. She brings a lot of funk and energy to the music scene.

These women DJs are all making a statement by letting people know that it’s not just a Man’s world out there. Even in local bars and clubs, it’s not rare to see a woman DJ perform.

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