You Messed-Up? Say You’re Sorry With The Right Flowers

Sometimes we do things that may offend the people we love the most. You may say wrong things, forget your friend’s birthday or even make a bonehead move. One of the best way to express you are sorry is through flowers. When you say you are sorry with flowers, the person whom you have wronged will see that you have put an extra thought in your apology and that will increase the chances of being forgiven. Below are list of flowers that are recommended when sending apology and their meanings

White tulips

Tulips are usually associated with new beginning and springs. Indeed, they are vey happy flowers. They are of different variety but white are practically the best to use when apologizing because they are said to represent peace and forgiveness. Apart from the meaning, white tulips are classy and elegant flowers and they are adored universally by many people. When you send a bouquet of these flowers with a card that expresses sincere apologies, the chances of being forgiven are very high.

Blue hyacinths

Most people say that this flower represents peace. The blue shade that the flower has represents truth. This is a very beautiful and lovely flower that is unique and makes a stunning bouquet. When apologizing, it is usually prudent to show that you took a lot of consideration before choosing the flower and thus selecting for something that is unexpected like hyacinths is a very smart and solid move.

White orchids

An orchid is an exotic and also a very beautiful flower. When you get the right planted variety, it can last for a long period of time in right conditions. The white color that the flower has represent sincerity and its long lasting nature will show the person that you are actually sorry for as long as the flower lasts.
Check these sympathy flower arrangements.


Rose is flower that is adored by very many people around the world. Most of the time, people prefer to give yellow flowers to express there sincere apologies. When arranged well in a bouquet, they really look good and elegant. Before sending, ensure that you include a small card that expresses your sincere apologies for the person you have wronged. When you send a dozen of roses, it means gratitude. A bouquet of 25 roses means congratulations and a bouquet of 50 well trimmed roses signifies unconditional love. It is prudent for you to send roses that will show how you really feel ashamed for what you have done and your sincere apologies.

In conclusion, flowers are very powerful tool that you can use tell somebody that you are sorry for what you have done. However, you should select the right flower that will easily convince the person that you are sincere in your apologies.

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I knew that white tulips represented forgiveness, but I never knew that hyacinths represented truth. It may sound a bit cliche, but the rose is by far my favorite flower. I'd definitely melt if someone gave me one! I think that all of these flowers are definitely beautiful, and a bouquet with all of them would be stunning!